What to do in Hilton Head, SC

by LifeOfLo

Hey y’all, if you’ve been following along on my Instagram then you know that for Thanksgiving Zach and I brought our boys down to Hilton Head Island, SC to meet up with the Long clan. In this post I’ll be writing about what we did that I liked so much that I would recommend y’all to do them too if you ever find yourself in HHI!


If you want an in detail account of what we ordered and loved, check out my other post “What to Eat in Hilton Head“.

Chow Daddy’s

A great location for a casual meal without sacrificing great taste. Lots of options on the menu for a variety of tastes. Also, they have ping pong tables! Don’t want to sit and wait for your food to arrive? Pick up a paddle and school your friends in a game of table tennis before your food arrives!

Hilton Head Distillery

A wonderful location to try some excellent cocktails, stiff drinks, or both! While you’re here take a tour of the distillery and learn how your favorite alcohol is made.

Old Oyster Factory

A delicious meal with loads of options for a variety of seafood for the whole family to enjoy! They serve hush puppies in baskets while you wait for your food (this was the table’s favorite). It’s located on a private pier where waterside seating is available with endless gorgeous views.

Watusi Cafe

Come here for breakfast (especially if you love Eggs Benedict and coffee). They are a fully functioning coffee bar and they have a wide variety of Eggs Benedict.

Hilton Head Social Bakery

An absolute must if you love sweets. I got the “Kiss on the Beach” and if you’re not sure what to pick you can’t go wrong with this sweet treat!


Horseback Ride at Lawton Stables

The women went horseback riding (but the whole family can enjoy this fun activity). Horseback riding is a great way to connect with nature and yourself. Before a hectic week filled with lots of plans and activities it was wonderful to take a moment to relax and reconnect with nature.


While the women were horseback riding and later shopping the men went golfing. All members of the family can enjoy this outdoor activity and there were many options as to where to golf.

Go to Harbour Town Yacht Club

This small shopping area was a gorgeous place to see the harbour, a beautiful lighthouse, and do some light beach shopping all in the same location. If you’re in the area go ahead and stop, grab some ice cream, and walk around the harbour soaking in all of the beautiful yachts.

Beach (Bring your dogs)

The beaches on HHI are dog friendly (as long as they are leashed) and man was it a joy to see our boys enjoy the beach. The water¬† was chilly in late November but the beach views were gorgeous nonetheless. We even woke up early for sunrise (unfortunately it was super cloudy and we couldn’t see the sun at all).

Ride Bikes

The resort that we stayed at was close enough to everything that biking was a great way to exercise and get out of the house. If you’re not comfortable biking they even offer bikes that have two big wheels on the side of the rear bike to create more stability. This was our favorite activity to burn off all of the delicious food we had been eating!

Take Pictures on the Beach

Since¬† the beach wasn’t very crowded we definitely took advantage of that and took some family photos on the beach! No photographer needed just set up your camera and tripod and get snapping. I recommend setting a family color for beach pictures so that the photos come out looking planned and clean. We wore white and khaki (great colors for the beach in general) but other options you could choose would be blue and white, white and denim, black (for a more formal look), or coordinated pastels!

Shop at Tanger Outlet

If you don’t have this outlet near you (and even if you do) you can’t miss an opportunity to shop in this outdoor outlet. No matter when you go you can always get a good deal. Pro tip: make sure you stop by the shopping services center before you start to get a coupon book!

I hope you enjoy your stay at Hilton Head and if you have any places you think should be added to my list comment below!



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