Weekend Getaway in the Poconos

by Lorine Margeson
Weekend Getaway in the Poconos

In the start of 2020 Z and I discussed traveling more together. Since he works full time and I’m in school it’s hard to plan multiple vacations with PTO. A quick solution is to do more weekend trips! That way we can adventure together more but still save enough time for bigger trips later this year! Since I went to the West Coast over winter break to visit my grandparents and it’s been unseasonably warm this year in Virginia I pretty much skipped out on winter! As much as I dislike the cold I do enjoy experiencing the different seasons and I LOVE snow.

One of my best friend’s, Erica, is a ski instructor in the Poconos and has been telling me for YEARS that I need to come up and visit her. I finally decided to take her up on the offer for none other than her birthday weekend! We drove up late Friday night, went exploring Saturday and then drove back home late Sunday afternoon. Here’s some more about our weekend getaway in the Poconos!

Saturday morning Erica was skiing so Z and I had an opportunity to explore! First we went for an early lunch at none other than Friendly’s! In Virginia all the Friendly’s closed so when we saw there was one near us we couldn’t resist! We both had burgers with a side of ice cream sundaes!! We had so much fun on our classic date to kick off the weekend.

Then we headed up to the mountain to Apres ski…minus the skiing! We had a blast exploring the resort and watching all of the ski lessons. My favorite lessons to watch were definitely the minis because they’re adorable little marshmallows. We had so much fun watching all of the skiing that Z even talked about wanting to do another ski trip sometime this year. Keep your eyes peeled maybe we’ll be doing a Colorado trip in our future!

On our way back to the cabin we ran into none other than the birthday Queen herself! Then we all made a quick escape to the cabin to have a celebratory glass of wine and get ready for dinner!

We went to the Frogtown Chophouse and y’all let me tell you. The food and drinks were SO GOOD! We had a blast listening to the live music and socializing with Erica’s coworkers. The great thing about Erica is that the people she surrounds herself are very genuine people – we all got a long right away. The rest of the night was history.

Sunday morning Erica and I got up early for girls brunch at The Morning Toast. If you’re ever in the Poconos this place is a MUST. Then Erica went skiing, Z and I explored around the cabin some more with a good cup of coffee and then we made our way back to Virginia!

If you want a little more adventure in your life but you’re not sure how to make it happen – start looking into weekend getaways! And if you’re thinking to make a weekend trip and you’re in the DMV definitely consider the Poconos!

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