Wander With Lo: A Trip to the Sunflower Field

by LifeOfLo
Wander With Lo: A Trip to the Sunflower Field

Happy Summer loves! Today we’re taking a frolic in the sunflower field at Burnside Farms! You may have remembered this farm from a previous spring post – Wander With Lo: A Spring Frolic Among the Tulips! No matter what, just about every summer a sunflower field memory is made.

This is one of my all time favorite farms that I visit time and time again throughout the seasons. An added bonus of going to the Sunflower field is that it is dog friendly! If you do decide to bring the pups make sure you bring plenty of water – it gets HOT out in the fields. My boys had the time of their lives running around among the sunflowers.

Despite the heat we had a great time wandering through the sunflower field and admiring the beauty of sunflowers. One of my favorite memories as a child living in Italy was looking out my bedroom window to see the sunflowers in the backyard. They grew so tall I could almost touch them from my window!

The sunflowers here are separated into a field for cutting and a field for taking pictures. I would suggest to come early when they first open to avoid lines and the heat. If you’re looking for an updated profile picture or some family photos this is the cutest backdrop! When we were here we saw tons of photographers and families getting their photos taken.

If you’re wondering what to wear I would suggest you wear white (it is such a pretty contrast to the green and yellow). Dresses are so versatile and comfortable in the heat but always wear what you feel the most comfortable and confident in. That will help you more when you’re in front of the camera (especially if you’re not used to your photo being taken). As far as accessories go a sun hat is always a good idea when it’s very sunny out! As far as shoes go make sure you check the weather! The fields can be muddy (it was dry when we went so I wore my espadrilles) so wear shoes that are comfortable for walking that you wouldn’t mind potentially getting dirty.

It costs $8 per person to get in, you can borrow cutting shears and these super cute umbrellas when you check in – all you have to do is trade an item that you’ll get back when you return the shears and umbrella! Sunflowers are $1.50 per stem and they have a wide array of vases as well when you check out. Don’t forget, Burnside Farms moved locations and is now in Nokesville, VA!

The sunflower fields should be open until Labor Day weekend, so don’t wait – get out there and enjoy the sunshine! I’d love to see all the photos you come up with! But don’t worry, if you don’t make it by then there will be more sunflowers in the fall! Happy wandering.

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