Wander With Lo: A Trip to the Lavender Farm

by LifeOfLo
Wander With Lo: A Trip to the Lavender Farm

As the summer session of grad school comes to an end I find myself staying up all night…sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. I was never the student that pulled all nighter’s in undergrad (honestly sleep was a highly valued state for me). But Doctorate level finals will change a person. It’s been increasingly difficult for me to go out and adventure, not for lack of desire, but instead I find I begin to feel guilty when I go out and do something “fun” when I should have been studying, or writing a paper.

That all changed this weekend when I decided I wanted to cross off another thing on my never ending list – go to a lavender farm! I justified this to myself by acknowledging the tremendous positive effects that lavender has. Here are a few: helps with anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headaches and pains. My trip overall would help me get into a more relaxed state to dive into finals week.

I am happy to report – IT WORKED! I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on this week head on. Also, fun fact, the lavender farm we went to (Seven Oaks Lavender Farm) is hosting a huge lavender festival this weekend (6/29/19 and 6/30/19)! It’s only $15 per car (up to 8 people) and there will be all things lavender – including lavender beer, lavender kombucha, lavender treats, pick your own lavender stems, sandwiches with lavender infused condiments, live music and SO SO much more. Add this to your calendars folks because it’s going to be a fun day!

P.S. this farm even had some gorgeous yellow flowers near the lavender. Don’t miss an opportunity, definitely get some cute pictures here too!

I hope all of your weeks go swimmingly!

P.P.S. Yes that is my natural hair, the humidity has been up a ridiculous amount so I’ve given up using hot tools for a bit and I’m sticking with the hair my momma gave me.

With love,


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