The Bridesmaid’s Guide to Nashlorette: Nashville, TN

by Lorine Margeson
The Bridesmaid’s Guide to Nashlorette: Nashville, TN

Hey y’all! I just came back from my boyfriend’s sister’s Nashlorette (Bachelorette weekend in Nashville, TN)! I had such a great time I wanted to share with y’all what we did to better help you plan a Nashlorette for your Bride bestie or just a great time in Nashville. I’ll be giving you the Lo down on where we stayed, what we ate and where we went!


Before going to Nashville there are a few things you need to prep. Depending on your party size many places require reservations ahead of time – be mindful of this and have backup plans just in case. Make sure your party knows what to pack and what to expect from each place! For a lot of people an outfit makes the experience. The best way to do this is to create an itinerary so your people know where you’re planning to go and how to dress! Decide if you want to do a theme night or wear matching outfits while you’re there. If you’re not going for a Bachelorette party this most likely won’t apply to you. Last but not least, if you plan on drinking or going into Honky Tonks at night make sure everyone in your party is 21, they absolutely check ID’s.

  1. Make reservations ahead of time if possible – include backup plans
  2. Let your party know what to pack/what to expect
  3. Create an itinerary
  4. Decide if you want to do a theme night &/or matching outfits

Where We Stayed

We ended up staying in an AirBnB in the Gulch! Y’all, I highly recommend staying in this neighborhood or in very close neighborhood’s to Broadway. Being so close made it easier for us to go back and forth by saving time and money with our Uber trips. This was also very close to the airport (BNA). Since we were a decent sized group staying in an AirBnB made the most sense!

Bachelorette Decorations/Accessories

In order to do this best for the Bride it’s important the bridal party (or maid/s of honor) arrives first to set everything up. For our bride there was a subtle game of thrones theme; balloons that said Fire & Icing, 100% That Bach, rings, and a balloon arch!

As for Accessories, our bride was the sweetest and made us jean jackets with our names on the back, koozies, light up rings, light up glasses, and matching shirts! We also had fanny packs, red heart sunglasses, and devil horns for our theme night.

Bachelorette Party Games

Games are one of the best ways to break the ice and kick off the weekend especially if the bridal party don’t all know each other. We did our game night on the first night we all arrived and I would highly recommend doing it then. The maids of honor did a wonderful job organizing games. We had games to see who knew the bride best, how well the bride could guess the groom’s answers, pin the junk on the hunk, a drink if ___ game, and a scavenger hunt!

Where We Ate

The top places I would suggest to eat in Nashville are –

  1. Party Fowl – I ordered a spicy bloody mary and a hot chicken n’ cheddar with a side of mac and cheese.
  2. Saint Anejo – we had pitchers of margaritas and sangria while we were waiting but this place is so popular and is so high in demand that the wait ended up being way too long so we ended up going somewhere else to eat. But if you have a smaller party or don’t mind waiting put this at the top of your list!
  3. City Tap – We went here for brunch! Unlimited mimosas, bloody mary bar, and a few different types of eggs Benedict?! I felt right at home here!
  4. Milk & Honey – We ended up going here for dinner instead of Saint Anejo and the options were way too good. I ordered the bees knees and bolognese. It was easily my favorite meal while in Nashville. Other hot picks were the burrata and fig appetizer, hummus spread appetizer and the vanilla lattes.
  5. GooGoo – This isn’t what you would expect under places to eat but it’s a perfect stop for the sweet tooth in your life! Goo Goo clusters are a chocolate candy with mallow, caramel, and nut (either peanut or pecan) fillings. We stopped in to try and although I was apprehensive at first they ended up being delicious!

What We Did

This is very bachelorette specific but any of these places would be a blast to go to when you visit Nashville. We partied on a tractor pull (check out off the wagon tractor tours) it was one of the highlights of our trip! It’s BYOB and all you have to worry about is having a good time! The rest of our time was spent on Broadway! If you’re not going to be in Nashville for a long time I highly suggest spending a lot of time on Broadway. The places we went on Broadway in no particular order were –

  1. Kid Rock – We went here day and night, both times had amazing live music and it was all around a great time.
  2. Coyote Ugly – This was hands down my favorite bar, they allow women to dance on the bars the whole night and that’s exactly what I did.
  3. Redneck Riviera – We went here at the end of the night our first night out and the live country music was AMAZING.
  4. Downtown Sporting Cafe (rooftop) – We went here during the day to hang out on the rooftop and you can’t go wrong here! Frose’s, sunshine, people watching on Broadway, and downstairs there are plenty of games and axe throwing! If you plan on hitting up Broadway during the day add this to the top of your list.
  5. Big Shotz – We went to Big Shotz for the Hunk o Mania show which was stellar. There’s also a bar on the main floor that was packed!
  6. FGL House – I loved the versatility of this bar. The bottom played pop/dance music (which we hadn’t heard at all while we were out). Upstairs was live country music, so there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

What Outfits To Pack

First and foremost bring some cowboy boots! From all the walking you’ll do to dancing all night long in honky tonks cowboy boots will be the most comfortable, practical, and CUTE shoes you have to have. Depending on the weather bring a mix of rompers, skirts, skorts, dresses, shorts, and a variety of tops. Nashville is great because there is a wide variety of styles present so you never feel under or overdressed. Since I went for a Bachelorette I brought all black and denim options just so the Bride would really stand out. Depending on your party you may opt to bring more color options but this made it really easy for me to pack!

Is a Nashlorette right for you?

Do you want to have a good time? Then Nashville is ABSOLUTELY the place to go. This is a hot spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties so you definitely won’t feel silly or alone in your all matching outfits. Even if you’re not country music’s biggest fan (I am so this was a double bonus for me) you’ll have a great time.

I hope y’all found this guide helpful! If you have anything you’d like to add leave it in the comments!

Happy Nashlorette Planning!



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