Spring in DC: How To Turn Your Feed Pink

by LifeOfLo
Spring in DC: How To Turn Your Feed Pink

Hi everyone! Spring is here and everything is coming alive again (unless you have allergies, then my prayers are with y’all). I wanted to share some GORGEOUS locations throughout the District where you can find loads of flowers in bloom. For this post those flowers will primarily be pink. If pink isn’t really your thing then don’t fret! I’m working on a much longer, all inclusive, post of locations throughout the DMV where you need to go in Spring. That’s just going to take me a bit more time as I only have one day a week to scope those places out for y’all. Okay, let’s jump right in shall we?

1. Congressional Cemetery

This is probably the least talked about location when thinking about spring in DC. Congressional Cemetery is a gorgeous walk with hardly any people around (alive anyway). There is a line of cherry blossom trees that bloom before the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin. These blooms are actually the most vibrant and are quite a unique hue of pink.

2. National Arboretum

Ahhh one of my favorite locations! I love coming here multiple times throughout each season but spring is something else. The Arboretum is a botanical collection of trees, so cherry trees and magnolias will be around, with hardly any people! This location is not metro accessible so driving or Uber-ing are your ways to go. Another great reason to go, dogs are almost always there (it’s a favorite walk of ours with our boys)….oh and the original Capital Columns are here.

3. Rawlins Park

This park’s location surprised me. I have driven past this park COUNTLESS times and I didn’t even realize what it was. Don’t overlook this location in the spring, there are lines of magnolia trees and hardly any people around. If you hang around on a weekday at lunch time you can also people watch as the locals like to come and eat lunch here.

4. Enid A. Haupt Garden

This garden is right behind the Smithsonian Castle, which makes photographs utterly magical. A castle, pink saucer flowers (magnolias), benches, and ponds?! What more could you ask for? This was a fun date day for us as we were able to walk around the gardens and people watch with a lovely view. If you decide to see the magnolias in the Enid A. Haupt Garden you have to hurry, shortly after the magnolias bloom the trees begin to green. Leaving the pink backdrop green!

5. Cote Jardin Antiques, Georgetown

Have you ever read the book “The Secret Garden”? As the bookworm that I am I felt like I had jumped straight into the pages of an old story book when I stumbled upon this beautiful storefront. There is a beautiful magnolia tree planted out front that will give you the slightest touch of pink to your feed. While you’re there stop in and enjoy the antiques!

6. West Potomac Park (East is also very nice)

You can reach this park by trying to drive to the Tidal Basin (you actually get redirected either to West or East Potomac Park when looking for parking). Parking is quite difficult and you need to be a pro parallel parker but there are a fraction of the tourists here! It was so much less crowded in fact that we were able to picnic and enjoy the cherry blossoms with hardly anyone near us the entire time. Read my blog post here about our spring picnic at this location.

7. Greenworks, Georgetown

Ah Georgetown…the neighborhood of colorful houses and instagram worthy cafe’s. This precious pink and green floral shop is a hidden gem within Georgetown. Pro Tip: if you walk you’ll find many more photo opportunities (I’m talking wall murals and adorable houses).

8. Tidal Basin

Seeing as this is the most well known location for Cherry Blossoms I listed it last. This is also where most tourists go so if you don’t like lots of people…don’t go during peak bloom. This year there was an estimated 2.4 million people that came to the district…specifically the tidal basin, to view the stunning gift Japan gave the U.S. in 1912. Wake up early if you want to head here during peak bloom. If you’re not a morning person then you have to have lots of patience, but it is possible to get some gorgeous shots! Pro Tip: DON’T DRIVE!! Take the metro and thank me later.

Now that Spring in DC is in full swing I hope to see more of you out exploring and enjoying all this beautiful Earth has to offer. Happy blooming!



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