Snow Day – Christmas Tree Adventure

by LifeOfLo

I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE snow. It partly might be because I don’t have to shovel snow, but I’m grateful to keep my childlike love of snow alive. Zach and I had already planned to go to a Christmas Tree Farm as a fun date and lucky enough for us it snowed too! Talk about walking in a winter wonderland.


We listened to our favorite Christmas album on the way to Belmont Christmas Tree Farm. When we arrived I joked with Zach to hold my hand as we frolicked through the snow. Zach said it was a better idea to wait till we were at a flat area because he was wearing Adidas and if he slipped and fell he didn’t want me to go tumbling down with him. In typical fashion I marched ahead and then turned around to see what the hold up was. I was standing there, looking at Zach, for a solid minute and the next thing I know I face plant into the snow. Zach rushed over to help me up and we had a good laugh (who else would fall down by standing completely still). Then we had a wonderful time admiring all of the different gorgeous trees and taking some silly photos.


Want to know who took our picture? We have a shorter tree to thank for these gems! We were able to place my phone on the top branches, hit the 10 second timer, and run into our poses. Then we rushed out of there because the snow was relentless. When we got back to Zach’s parents’ house we were able to take our boys out to play in the snow. All in all it was a wonderful snow day.

Stay warm!

With love,


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