Self Care & Why LifeofLo Began

by LifeOfLo
Why did I start a blog?

I work and go to school and there are moments when I feel like I have hardly enough time to get a full night’s sleep. Something that’s talked about frequently in my counseling classes is how important self-care is. Now what emotions just came up for you when I said self-care? This buzz word has been popping up more and more on my social media and I feel like a lot of people still don’t really know what it means or how to apply it to themselves. Self-care is about turning the attention to yourself to take care of yourself and knowing where your limits are and how to refuel.

But let me set the record straight. Self-care is extremely important, it combats burn out and helps with resilience. Resilience meaning being able to “weather the storm” or how a person copes and adapts to situations. If you’re in the practice of servicing or helping others (and even if you’re not) it’s important to know when to put your needs first. It’s like they say on airplanes, or pretty much any emergency situation, take care of yourself before taking care of others (for example, put on your oxygen mask before helping others with their oxygen masks). There are many different ways to practice self-care and what works for me may not work for someone else.

What do I do for Self-Care?

Blogging is my self-care. More accurately, one of the ways I practice self-care. I enjoy pushing myself in realms I am not fully comfortable in. If done correctly it turns into self-care for me. Some of the ways I flex the creative side of my brain, that brings me peace and confidence, are taking photos and writing about my experiences. Other ways I practice self-care is to read, do face masks light a candle and relax in a bubble/bath bomb bath (here are two videos of two of my favorite bomb baths Pink Bath Blue Bath), dance, and retail therapy – to include buying flowers and balloons.

Last Induction Day as Psi Chi President

In my experience self-care is most effective and should be practiced daily. Does that mean you should take two hours a day relaxing in the tub? No (and if you do, I’m so jealous). By rule of thumb I give myself at least 10 minutes of self-care a day. This can range from deep breathing exercises to taking my time doing my makeup or listening to my favorite podcast on my drive into the city.

A lot of people I know think about starting a blog/vlog as a way to get famous (my little sister definitely sees it that way). For me it’s just a little corner of the internet where I can express myself and connect with people. Now, if I get brands interested that want to collaborate I’m totally open to the idea. But that wasn’t the goal or purpose of starting LifeOfLo. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people and sharing my experiences. Because no one has to walk this earth alone – we can all lend a helping hand if we’re able.

Side note:

Although I do travel frequently and love talking about it I will definitely be incorporating mental health education. Hopefully I will also be able to facilitate healthy conversations about mental health whenever possible.

So, tell me! What are ways you practice self-care? What were your initial thoughts on the idea? Leave me a comment below!

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Sound healing-massage therapy-meditation-healthy meals & friendships/relationships


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