Rent The Runway Unlimited: The Lo Down

by LifeOfLo
Rent The Runway Unlimited: The Lo Down

Let me tell y’all this post has been a LONG time coming! I started Rent the Runway (RTR) unlimited program back in April after I had seen some of my favorite bloggers talking about it (looking at you Emily) and I had a long conversation with another fav blogger (and good friend of mine Sayeh). I figured why not give it a shot and if it wasn’t for me then I would just cancel my membership, easy as pie.

Well here we are in September and *spoiler alert* I haven’t cancelled my membership!! I am totally hooked. RTR Unlimited is a program where you pay $159 a month (this sounds like a lot but keep reading) and you can rent an unlimited amount of pieces! The deal is you can pick four pieces at a time (tops, bottoms, dresses, bags, and accessories). You can keep the pieces for however long or little as you want. For example, in the winter there might be a jacket you’re totally loving that you want to keep for the entire month – you can do that! Now you will only have three other pieces that you can select at a time.

What you do is download the app, put in your sizes, and start scrolling! Taking online shopping to a whole new level (without the buyers remorse and being more ethical with your fashion choices). The items come to you through the mail and they send a shipping label for when you’re done as well (unless you’re from DC then keep reading I have a surprise for you).

RTR Unlimited lets me change up my outfits and style multiple times throughout the week. It also has proven handy for more formal events that I attend or even photoshoots! I never feel like I have nothing to wear.

Okay my DC peeps, get this. We have a RTR STORE! Yep you read that right. Want to try on the clothes before you rent them or want to open a free space immediately? Head over to the Georgetown location and you can do just that! If you don’t think you can make it out to Georgetown but you want to drop off your items to immediately open up some spaces then I have another surprise! Head to a WeWork location and you can scan your items and drop them off in under a minute.

Here are some outfits I have styled using RTR, your options are limitless!



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