Pumpkin Picking at Yankey Farms

by LifeOfLo

With the end of October fast approaching it became my mission to find time to go to a pumpkin patch. There are an abundance of choices in Northern Virginia but ultimately we decided to pick our own pumpkin at a pumpkin farm! A fun new experience for the whole family we packed the dogs up in the car and went for a 45 minute drive to Nokesville, VA.

Yankey Farms is open Sunday-Friday 12pm – 6pm and Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. There is no admission fee to pick pumpkins. But, if you have children and want to utilize their activity area it’s $6 Saturday and Sunday and $5 Monday-Friday. Even better news pumpkins are 59 cents per pound!

We parked our car and ran for one of the wagons. Trust me you’ll be thankful for the wagon when you don’t have to hand carry your pumpkin through the fields. There were a wide variety of pumpkins and gourds to choose from, orange, white, green, orange and green, and even teal!

I wanted all of the minis! Only $1 each

Fun Fact: Teal pumpkins are put in front of houses that offer suitable treats for any trick-or-treaters who have any food allergies or intolerance’s! Not only are they super cute but they help out a lot of kids trying to enjoy Halloween!

If you’re wondering what to wear look no further! Zach wore khaki joggers, brown boots, and an orange plaid pullover.

I wore a white sweater, green vest, jeans, and thigh high boots. We both brought lightweight jackets with us as it was a little windy when we went and the sun was starting to set.

The boys loved the pumpkin field although it was windy when we were there. Lovro loved the pumpkin field so much he was sniffing around and eating the broken open pumpkins (gross). Zlato preferred to be pulled around in the wagon where he was curled up in our jackets.

This pumpkin farm was so fun we’re going to have to make it a tradition to go back every year. If you have the opportunity to go before they close the pumpkin patch I would recommend it! They are open from September 29 – October 30 this year (2018).

What other fall activities should I do before Christmas rolls around? We’ve already done apple picking! Let me know in the comments.



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