My Parisian Adventure: Traveling with My Little Sister

by LifeOfLo
First, a little about my sister.

My sister, Isabelle, is 8 years younger than me and she has been a total “mini me” my entire life. Last week my sister turned 15 and I thought it would only be fitting to post about our trip together on her birthday. Happy birthday mini me.

Paris has been a destination she has been wanting to see for the past few years, honestly what teenage girl doesn’t dream of Paris. So, naturally I wanted to be the one to take her there!

It’s hard having a sister with such a large age gap. When I left for college she was still in elementary school. This was a time where I was figuring out who I was as an individual but she was just a little kid. Those years were really hard trying to balance my need to spread my wings and wanting to spend my time with my family. Now that she’s older we try and do as many fun sister dates that we can and we figured a trip abroad would be the best sister date yet!

How we decided where to go.

We always go on family trips together with our parents. But, this year while we were in Europe for our cousin’s wedding we decided to go on our first sister trip. My mom’s family is from Croatia. Isabelle usually goes there every year but she hasn’t had as many experiences with other European countries. Isabelle loves Paris. We agreed it would be the perfect city to explore as sisters because of it’s beauty and history. This was also an easy yes for me because I’ve been to Paris multiple times and knew the basics of where to take her and what sights to prioritize for her first trip.


Getting there

Our parents are saints and drove us from Bosnia through Croatia to Hungary where we got on our flight to Paris. We flew into Charles De Gaul (CDG) airport and then took the train into the city. We stayed at Mercure Tour Eiffel Grenelle which was a short walk away from the train stop. This was the best hotel I had stayed at in my multiple trips to Paris. I don’t stay in hotels for the luxury. I pick a hotel more for the convenience since I figure we only sleep and get ready in the room. It’s located very close to the Eiffel Tower and everything was within walking distance for us.

What We Did

The first night we went out to eat dinner and then went to sleep early so we could wake up early the following day. Our first full day we went to the Eiffel Tower. Then made our way to the market to have breakfast and pick out our picnic. We then made our way back to the Eiffel Tower to enjoy our picnic. When we had our fill we went back to the hotel to put our picnic leftovers away, freshen up, and head back out.


In the afternoon we went to the Trocadero to take some photos of the Eiffel Tower from a different view point. For my sister’s first experience in Paris the biggest thing for her was to see the thing Paris is most famous for. If you’re curious about what foods we ate while we were there check out my previous post.


At night we took a river cruise down the Seine river. You can purchase tickets on the docks right before you board.

The following day we rented bikes to experience more of the city. That quickly ended as my bike broke down and nearly had me hit by a car. We then decided Uber was the way to go for the rest of the day.


We made our way to the Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. It was so much fun exploring each location, taking photos and then sitting and soaking up the moments. After we had lunch with a view of the Arc De Triumph we went to Laduree.


Our favorite was our last stop at the Louvre. We had cappuccinos at La Cafe Marly and watched the people go by. You can see what we ordered in this post. After a delicious last dinner we made our way back to the hotel. We had an early flight and needed to pack up.

Most people try to stay in cities for a longer period of time. We’re a little different because we know that if we like a city we’ll make our way back to it. So we saw as much as we wanted in a short period but Paris, we’ll be back.



P.S. Happy 15th Birthday Isabelle

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