New Year Goals for 2019!

by LifeOfLo
New Year Goals for 2019!

With today being day 365/365 of 2018 I decided to take some time out of my day to come up with some goals for 2019!

Travel to 2 new countries

As an adventure and travel lover this should be an easy goal for me. The hardest part is finding out when I’ll be able to spread my wings during my studies. Which 2 new countries will I be traveling to? Keep an eye out, I’ll be announcing them as soon as I find out!

Journal for 30 minutes a day

I love photos. I love looking back through my photos and remembering that exact moment in time. One place I haven’t been reflecting in nearly as much (whole heartdly at least) is journaling. I used to be an avid journaler throughout elementary middle and high school. Somewhere along the way in college I stopped that. I know for a fact I want to remember this time in my life in the future while I’m starting my new venture in school. I figured the best way to do that would be to journal for 30 minutes a day! Now all I need is to find a decent journal that I wouldn’t mind lugging around with me everywhere I go!

Try out vlogging and video making (learn something new)

I love to learn in general, so challenging myself to learn a little more about video editing (and how to even take a decent video) will certainly be exciting. I think I’m going for more of a documentary/family video type of vibe but we’ll see what I end up creating!

Lose weight

This seems to be a common new year goal. It’s not just about the weight though, it’s about getting healthy. While I’ve been taking care of business and worrying about more things other than myself I’ve let my health slip. I plan on taking back my health and loving the process to get there. I’ve already started to lose weight and I’m ready to keep up the momentum!

WARNING: The following things I am going to talk about under this goal could be triggering for others when it comes to food and weighing in. If you are uncomfortable reading or are triggered by the following information please skip to my next goal of drinkng more water.

Two of the things I’ve been doing that have been keeping me accountable (as well as motivated) have been weighing myself daily and keeping track of my calories and what I’m putting into my body. Newsflash: it’s not all about the calories but rather what nutrients you’re feeding your body. I use MyFitnessPal (been using this on and off since I was in highschool) and I love it! It’s easy to use, easy to share meals (my whole family uses it now so we all share meals and recipes), and an easy way to learn about the nutrients in your food. I have definitely made better food choices since I started using the app seriously.

The other thing I have been doing is weighing myself daily when I first wake up. I bought this scale from amazon and downloaded the corresponding app FITINDEX to keep track of my weight. The great thing about this scale and app is that it’s not just about how much you weight. The scale measures BMI, body fat percentage, fat free body weight, body water percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, protein percentage, BMR and your metabolic age! Now, it’s not realistic to continuously see weight loss throughout my journey. But, in the beginning stages of my process I find that it’s highly motivating and rewarding. Which is something I really need while I’m learning to love cardio (I’m getting there y’all, who would’ve guessed).

Drink more water

Going off of my goal to lose weight and be healthier a big step is to drink more water. I am HORRIBLE at drinking water. My doctor has no idea how I’m alive honestly (or functioning without constant headaches). The ideal percentage of body water for an adult female fluctuates between 45%-60%. Right now I’m at 38.1% (and this is a huge increase for me). I should be drinking about 64 oz of water a day and for the past 3 days I’ve been successful! Let’s hope over the next year this becomes more of a habit.

Work my butt off in my doctoral program

Accomplishing one of my biggest dreams of getting into a doctorate program was only phase one of the next step of my life. Now I need to put in the WORK. And I honestly can’t wait! They said we should be spending an average of 3 hours studying per credit hour, meaning this first semester I should be spending 33 hours studying outside of class. I thought I was a bookworm before but this will be next level for me. Let’s hope I can keep a good school-life balance going!

Stop procrastinating (start projects or at least look at the requirements and gather materials 2-3 weeks before they’re due)

Going off of the goal to work my butt off in school I think there’s another thing I need to work on. Procrastination. I’m not quite sure when I started procrastinating. But, since I’ve always gotten good grades (thus being rewarded for my behavior) plus the adrenaline rush a small dose of anxiety will give you (when working under pressure) I can’t seem to stop myself from procrastinating. I hope to put an end to that this year! If I don’t necessarily start a project when it get’s assigned I want to at least begin to gather the materials needed for the project 2-3 weeks in advance before it’s due. I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out…

Go OUT on a date once a month

First a little about me and my partner. I am highly extroverted and Zach is pretty introverted. While I love going out, meeting new people, and seeing new things; Zach prefers to stay home and snuggle up to a good movie. Since Zach is younger than me we couldn’t go out too much because he wasn’t 21. February this year Zach turned 21 and we were finally able to go out! ….but by that point we were so used to our way of dating that it was hard to break out of our cycle. With 2019 coming and some other big changes that happened at the end of 2018 Zach and I agreed it would be fun to try and go out on a date at least once a month instead of always staying in. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of fun dates to recommend to y’all throughout the year!

Keep my space clean and organized (to my mom’s standard)

My mom is the definition of a neat freak, naturally she’s the gold star standard when I think of what clean and organized should be. In the past my room and surrounding areas have looked like chaos to an outsider, but I knew where everything was at all times. Think more organized chaos. This year with my new space I want to keep it super clean and organized so hopefully I’ll start to pick up my mom’s tidiness habits. P.S. As of right now my closet is seasonally organized and color coded…I’m in love.

Be kinder (take a breath when I start to feel frustrated in a conversation)

I have strong opinions which sometimes come across as being mean or “too intense”. I blame this on my Croatian roots because man, are we Balkan women hot headed. I want to try and start making more of a conscious effort to be kind to the people closest to me on a regular basis. It’s easy to lash out when someone is always around and pushing your buttons, but I want to strive to take a breath next time and breathe out my frustrations instead of speaking out.

Go somewhere new once every 2 months

With all of the fun places in D.C. I think this will be an easy goal for me to accomplish. There are a lot of places I like to go to over and over again but 2019 will be a lot about trying new things and pushing myself to new places. I can’t wait to show you all the new places I find (and some old favorites sprinkled in between).

Take care of #1 and put my needs first

Last but not least I need to start putting myself and my needs first. Not to say that I’m a people pleaser but I do have a soft spot for certain people and activities and I tend to put myself last when it comes to them. I talk on here a lot about self-care and while I do practice it I want to take it to the next level.

Instead of “new year new me” I’m going more for “new year, better version of me”. Tell me below what your goals for 2019 are, I’d love to hear and help you in any way I can!

With love always,


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