Morais Vineyard & Winery

by Lorine Margeson
Morais Vineyard & Winery

This weekend we decided to adventure out to a winery I’ve been wanting to try but is a little farther out from D.C. than our usual spots. This Portuguese hidden gem, pronounced {more ice}; is a perfect escape from the city with stunning views, delicious wines, and phenomenal prices. Morais is only an hour and 15 minutes outside of the district and is a great place to kick back with friends and play games. In fact, when we went there were approximately 3 bridal showers happening (they all looked so fun). You can find their website here for more information.


Moving on to the important stuff – wine! There are two different tastings available: the classic ($10 + tax) and the deluxe ($17 + tax). I tried the classic for the first time but next time we go I’ll definitely be trying the deluxe! The classic (and deluxe) comes with a pairing platter: a spread of cheeses, salami, chocolates, and bread-sticks/croutons. The classic wine tasting allows you to try Whites, Roses, and Reds, whereas the deluxe includes the dessert wines.


We started with The Battlefield – (twice) first from the tap and secondly from the bottle. Both were delicious but the tap was absolutely my favorite (it was sparkling) whereas the bottle was flat. The Battlefield had hints of citrus and the sparkling was my favorite! It was so interesting how the same wine tasted so different based on if it was sparkling or flat. Then we tried the Verdelho, a white wine that was very fruit forward and made with a Portuguese native grape. Next up and last for the whites, was the Sauvignon Blanc, that had a light sweetness as well as low acidity.


The Rose was next, made through the saignee method (you take out some of the juice from a tank of red wine that has just started fermentation). This was definitely not a sweet rose but there were strong hints of strawberry and blueberry which made for a new flavor of rose I had not tried before.


Last but not least the reds (all of these rated the highest in my opinion). First was the Merlot – medium-bodied, aged in a blend of American and French oak and fruit forward. Next came the Cabernet Franc, this one was surprising to me because it had hints of green bell pepper! Have y’all ever heard of a wine that had hints of vegetables? I’m used to seeing fruits and a variety of smokiness but never vegetables, this was a MUST TRY it was that good. Then came the Comendador, a blend of 40% Cabernet Franc, 40% Merlot, and 20% Touriga and it was also fruit forward. Last but not least came my favorite, the Touriga. This wine came from a Portuguese native grape that comes in a gorgeous violet color and has a nice spicy-ness to it.

Wine Slushees

As a little bonus I tested the two wine slushees they had available – the white is from the Battlefield and the red is from one of the dessert wines, Jeropiga. Both were delicious but I preferred theJeropiga – there were hints of cinnamon I mean come on. However, Zach preferred the Battlefield.

Days and Times Open

Morais is only open Fridays 1-7, Saturdays 12-6, and Sundays 12-6. If you’re wanting a break from the city come out this way and let me know which wine you prefer!



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