Mental Reframing Tips

by Lorine Margeson
Mental Reframing Tips

How many of us say these kinds of things to ourselves or, maybe even out loud to others? “I didn’t get anything done today. I’ll fail at this assignment/project/test. I’m not going to apply for my dream job/school/anything shoot your shot related.”

These small phrases may seem harmless or that you’re just stating your “truth”, but our perception is our reality. So let’s try some simple reframing!

Instead of focusing on what you didn’t get done focus on what you did! Spin the situation and say “I didn’t get done what I would’ve liked to today but, I did get xyz done!” Don’t catastrophize. If you honestly feel as though you didn’t do well on something you could say, “I feel as though I didn’t do well on xyz but I tried my best.” And lastly, when it comes to anything shoot your shot related tell yourself this: the worst that can happen is they say no, the best that can happen is that they say yes!

I hope these little reframe tips helped and you can start to reframe in your own way! It takes work but the first step is recognizing the way we speak to and about ourselves! As always, my email and instagram DM’s are open if you want to chat.

Happy Monday!



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