Life of Lo Turns 1!

by LifeOfLo
Life of Lo Turns 1!

I can’t believe how quickly time goes by, but here we are…one whole year occupying this little corner of the internet! A lot has changed since last year. Lets reflect shall we?

I’ve changed programs (and schools THREE times, read more about that here). I’m finally where I belong and it feels so great to be doing what I love day in and day out besides my hobbies.

My style has come more together and I feel more like myself than I have since graduating undergrad. If you want to read more about how I define my style click here! With my style coming together I have also changed the way I take and edit my pictures! In the beginning when I had no idea what was going on I was using presets. If you’re thinking to start editing your photos and don’t know where to even begin this is a great option! Once I took more and more photos and I was editing more frequently I began to develop my own editing style that is more true to who I am.

Big News!

This brings me to some very exciting news…I’M LAUNCHING MY OWN PRESETS!! That’s right y’all, as a one year birthday gift from me to you I’m sharing some of my favorite basic presets that I created myself. You can find them here!

I also wanted to remind y’all that everything doesn’t always end up the way we plan it. I actually started Life of Lo with the idea that I would be sharing my travels and this space would look more like a travel blog. However, my life has taken a totally different turn and to be honest I think that makes my blog that much better! I’m still getting the hang of being consistent and giving y’all what you want to read, but seeing how far we’ve come in a year I can’t wait to see how much we accomplish on our second birthday! This community means a lot to me and I’ve made so many IRL friends from this URL.

Speaking of making IRL friends from this URL…a wonderful friend of mine, Cakes by Lalae, generously gave me a dozen cupcakes AND a cake for my blog-birthday, my blogday if you will. Her work is incredible and they taste even better than they look! As an added testament – my mom doesn’t eat vanilla pretty much ever or at all (she doesn’t like cream and can only stand it if it’s in a chocolate variety) and my mom ate the cake…and LOVED IT! The cake we had was vanilla with vanilla buttercream (I’m still in shock that my mom ate it, let alone enjoyed it).

How We Celebrated

To celebrate my blogday I went out with my boyfriend and family to Doukenie Winery for a picnic! I wanted to try a new winery for this special occasion and we were absolutely blown away. The views were incredible, the wine was delicious, and the staff were very helpful and friendly! Doukenie Winery is a family owned winery and they even present you with homemade Baklava when you purchase a bottle of wine (I’m a sucker for the small details like that). I will definitely be back! If you decide to go too I would recommend packing yourself a picnic like we did! They have picnic tables that make it easy to eat comfortably as well as tables and chairs around the property if you decide you want to buy some snack items from the tasting room.

What We Packed

A few more details about our picnic! We packed: a picnic blanket, cheese boards, picnic basket, french bread, crackers, grapes, a selection of cheeses and salami, wine and old bay peanuts from Doukenie, and dessert – the cake and cupcakes by Cakes by Lalae and some homemade Baklava from Doukenie! For a little extra decorations I brought some flowers and a rose gold number one foil balloon! Setting up the picnic is almost just as fun as sitting down and enjoying everything packed!

Going Forward

If you have been reading my blog I’d love to hear how anything I’ve written has impacted you (big or small) in the past year! Going forward I have a bit more of a structured idea plan to continue bringing you all the information you want. So far I’m going to be focusing some more on places to take photos in DC (and surrounding areas), food and drink spots in DC, and a little bit of my fashion thrown in here and there!

Happy Anniversary Life of Lo



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