Home Project: Backyard & Basement Edition

by Lorine Margeson
Home Project: Backyard & Basement Edition

Hello loves! I’ve been busy with my summer semester but I wanted to write a quick update about a project I thought of and completed within 48 hours! Preface: I have always wanted an at home movie theater (I had friends who had them and I thought they were SO cool), but I wasn’t sure how practical it was. Enter Z: Z loves all things technology and we find ourselves watching movies with family very often, having a designated movie area began to seem much more practical. Then my parents decided to put up our Gazebo on the back deck, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I quickly started doing some research and had Z double checking my work and looking up his own research. We were going to make a cool hang out area while we continue to stay home during the summer.

I typically spend a lot of time inside because I’m usually working or in school (or both) and it’s difficult for me to see my laptop screen outside. Additionally, I don’t have a designated work area outside so it never occurred to me to create a space. It was easier to continue to stay inside. However, when the pandemic first started and Z and I went down to Georgia to quarantine with his sister I found myself outside A LOT and loving it. When we were there I would go outside in the morning to just sit in their hammock, drink my tea, and throw a ball for our dogs.

I decided I was going to bring that cozy feeling back home with me. I ordered a hammock and Z set it up…but the space still didn’t “feel right”. It may seem ridiculous but I truly believe surrounding yourself with aesthetically pleasing things brings so much joy (decorating does wonders y’all). Plus I have always really wanted to go with Z to Positano, Italy. I dearly love and miss summers in Italy (and Croatia/Bosnia). And that sparked the outside part of this idea!

What We Needed

  1. Portable/Mini Projector
  2. Projector Screen
  3. Sound Bar & Roku (this is so cool because they’re combined!)
  4. Command Strips
  5. Ambiance (lights & essential oil diffuser)

If you want to shop the items we used you can find links here – BasementTech corneroutside! To be transparent I do earn a commission from anything bought from these links.

Home Theater Room

We will start with the Home Theater room because this was completed first, however this was not the original plan. This plan actually came about because Z and I decided that it would be impractical to keep a projector screen and projector outside during inclement weather. We began brainstorming how we would store these items and then it hit us. In the basement, in our old “living room” we had an empty space that wasn’t being used often.

As soon as our materials came in we ran downstairs and began setting it up. There is a cutout that separates the “living room” from the bedroom. We decided this would be the perfect wall to mount our projector screen. That wall also worked best because all of the furniture in the room would be able to see the screen well. We absolutely love this area and have watched a movie every night since we have set it up! Here is what our set up looks like.

Outside Hangout Area

The Outside Hangout area was the original plan! I wanted to make an outdoor area where I could work on homework (in my hammock or in a chair under the gazebo) and also have fun family activities (play games/watch movies). Once the gazebo was set up and my hammock was sitting beside it I knew I needed to spruce it up more. That’s when I thought it would be great to watch movies outside at night! We had our first outdoor movie night last night and it was an absolute BLAST ! I can’t wait for more summer movie nights. Here are the photos of our outdoor space.

We used 6 boxes of the outdoor string lights to fully cover the outside of the gazebo and hang across the inside.

I hope this gives y’all a little bit of inspo for your own at home projects! Happy dreaming.

As always you can find my outfit details on LTK.it or click here.

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