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Who is LifeofLo

Greetings! I have so much to talk about but getting started always seems to be the most difficult part of every process.

My name is Lorine, it’s like Chlorine without the Ch. If you know me personally you’ll know that that’s how I’ve introduced myself since I was a senior in high school…hard to believe that was six years ago. Growing up I never had a nickname, Lorine was special enough that I didn’t need to be differentiated from others and truthfully after my chlorine explanation it was fairly easy to pronounce.

So where did “Life of Lo” come from? When I was a freshman in college I got my first retail job at Michael Kors and I had to interact with so many customers that it was impossible to make sure they all remembered my name, so my co-workers quickly gave me the name – Lo.

I come from a military family, so travel has been in my blood since I was a few months old and thanks to my mom I caught the travel bug very young (like 3 months old-young). I never really established roots because I was always spreading my wings, until recently.

School Background

Graduation Day with my Love

My family retired in the Washington D.C. area so I was able to finish high school in the same place and I chose to go to University about an hour from my parents’ home. I attended Marymount University and received a Bachelor of Arts in 2017 in Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology. What’s Forensic Psychology? Basically if you’re familiar with Netflix shows like Criminal Minds or shows that feature “Behavioral Analysis Units” then you’re familiar with the glammed up version of Forensic Psychology!

In undergrad I was fortunate enough to assist an amazingly influential professor with her research on chimpanzees with PTSD and then later I started to help her with her work with The Beagle Freedom Project (beagles with PTSD). Perhaps I’ll make an informative blog post about that next.

My goal since I was 16 years old (yes, I really did have this goal in high school) was to become a psychologist. I think I’m making 16 year old me proud because I’m currently working on my doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in D.C.!!

My Loves: Zach & Our Dogs

I currently live in an apartment with the love of my life and our two fur babies- Zlato and Lovro. Strange names right? I am half Croatian on my mom’s side and since I spent the first 10-ish years of my life living in Europe near them the culture is pretty instilled in me. Now back to the dogs – Zlato means gold (loosely translated to treasure) and our first pup embodies that fully (he’s the smaller darker one). When we got him we were told he was a Cocker Spaniel (if you’re at all familiar with Cocker Spaniels you’ll know immediately there’s no way he’s purebred). My guess is he’s a cockapoo and one of his parents (or both) must have been toy’s because he is TINY (a whopping 13 pounds).

Our other dog, Lovro (Lovey is his nickname), is a fairly common Croatian name for a male and although he is bigger than Zlato (pretty much twice his weight at 25 pounds) he is a lovey cuddly big bear. Zlato is a year and almost five months and Lovro is nine months old. We don’t bring the dogs out with us as much as we used to because we have been so busy and it’s honestly way too hot for them, but we have started bringing them on adventures again so you’ll be familiar with them soon enough.



At this point in life I have been to 33 countries in the world, 24 states in the United States, and 4 continents. I believe travel is good for the soul as well as the mind. Travel can help boost creativity, alleviate stress (although at times it may not feel like it), and overall open your mind to new beliefs, values, cultures, ideals, and thought processes.

I believe that it is my responsibility in life to try to become as “whole” of a person as I can be, so I strive to push myself in different areas to strengthen my idea of who I am as a whole being. The idea of being a “whole” person comes from Gestalt psychology (Gestalt is the German word for whole, or more than the sum of its parts). I don’t want to feel imbalanced in life and honestly, I’m always up for a challenge.

My Personality

If we’re talking Meyers-Briggs Personality Types I am an ENFJ (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judging). Growing up I always felt like I was lacking in the creative spectrum and I always felt like that was one of my biggest weaknesses. I danced from when I was 2 years old to when I was 20 (competitively as a dance team both in high school and college) and this was an expressive outlet for me but I never felt comfortable doing “improv” (dancing to the music without any choreography or planned movements). That aligns best with how I like to live life.

I like to have a plan ahead of time and I would prefer not to deviate from said plan. But as I am entering my mid-twenties I’ve been thinking more and more about the things I enjoy doing and although I don’t feel as if I am particularly good at creative things and I wouldn’t characterize myself as being creative (just yet) I really enjoy doing things that align with being creative (taking and editing photos and blogging).

My Little Corner of the Internet

This blog is a fun new way for me to express myself and I hope you stick around to learn about this crazy life with me. Being an academic I always want to learn more, honestly I wish I could be a student forever, nothing feels the same way learning something new does. I hope to learn through your experiences as well when you leave comments. Now that you’ve gathered a good idea of who I am, welcome to the Life of Lo.

What inspires you? What brought you to my blog? How do you push yourself to be a more “whole” being?

With Love,


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