Finding my Fashion Archetype: Classic & Romantic

by LifeOfLo
Finding my Fashion Archetype: Classic & Romantic

As a 23 year old young woman I am finding myself more and more interested in how I can express myself through clothes. In college I didn’t put too much thought into what I was wearing. If I thought it looked cute then I wore it. In my mind I didn’t have a set “style”.

Wanting to Express Myself Through My Clothes

Apparently working and going to graduate school hasn’t taken up enough of my time because I have been overwhelmed with thoughts about what my personal style is. Sometimes, when I’m feeling overwhelmed in certain aspects of my life I come back to myself and reflect on who I am and ways I define myself. This time it looks like I’m ready to take a shot at how I define my wardrobe. What words define how I dress? Disclaimer: To all you fashion ladies and gentleman that have much more expertise in this field, if I’m wrong….please (kindly) send me a message.

Where I Got My Inspiration

I started on my journey by studying a list (with photos) of a variety of fashion archetypes. I then went on to take a few “style tests”. Then I went back to read more about those specific fashion archetypes and voila I found my fashion archetype! I am a mix between Classic and Romantic. Some fashion bloggers who I adore include (in no particular order): Sarah Tripp (Sassy Red Lipstick), Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam), Caitlin Covington (Southern Curls and Pearls), and Mary Margaret (Simply Darlings).

Note: I like a variety of different styles, all fashion is pleasing to my eye, but not all fashion resonates with who I am or how I want to present myself. So to be clear, I am absolutely not saying that my fashion archetype is better than others. Only that this archetype is what I like for myself.

If you’re like me and you’re not quite sure where you fall under the fashion archetypes spend a few minutes and think about it! Googling and looking at mood boards helped me a lot too. It has helped me tremendously to know what my style is. Good luck on your fashion archetype journey!

I like clothing that makes me feel more feminine (such as dresses and skirts) but I also love wearing jeans and a pretty top. The photos used in today’s blog post have been a few outfits I have been wearing recently since I identified my fashion archetype. I still have a lot to learn but so far it has been SO fun!


I have found that the accessories are what really make my clothing go next level to be put together and a true outfit. Most of the clothes I’ve been wearing lately that I have received many compliments on are all clothes I’ve had for years. The only difference is now I’m accessorizing better! I’ve always loved jewelry and shoes but I used to get very fixated on one particular style and stick with it…now I’m expanding my horizons and it’s honestly so fun to think of new ways I can wear the same clothes!

The accessories I’ve been adding to my outfits lately have been hats, statement earrings, belts, fun shoes, layers (dusters, cardigans, vests, shawls), and the occasional neck scarf. I hope to share that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to look put together. I LOVE a good deal (and broke grad student here) so most of my clothing should be relatively inexpensive, happy styling!

With Love,


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