Eco Social DC: Sustainability Event

by Lorine Margeson
Eco Social DC: Sustainability Event

Welcome back loves! Earlier this week I was invited to attend an event with other bloggers to hear from a panel discussing their business and educating us on what they are doing and what we can do to change. The panel consisted of World Centric, SOIL, SPARK Microgrants, Honey Flower Foods, Lady Farmer, and Follain. Other brands who were there or represented but did not speak on the panel were Fruitive, 2 Betties, Milk Bar, and Lubanzi.

I have been to environmental panel and discussion events in the past but this one was a cut above. In the past I’ve heard people say things like: “If you’re not vegan then you can’t say you care about animals/the environment/the world”. “If you are taking many sustainable options but you still use single use plastic (either frequently or occasionally) then you cancel yourself out or you’re not doing enough”. Long story short these panels always made me feel excluded, judged, and bad. In a place where I should be feeling inspired and motivated I always leave feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

Thankfully Eco Social was different! The panel was very informative in describing the work and services/products they provide. At the end of the panel we had time for questions. Something I’ve always considered and what typically comes up in conversations with peers, coworkers, friends, etc. is this:

We all care about the planet and want to do SOMETHING to help/enact change. I truly don’t believe I’ve ever met a person who thinks “so what let the world burn!”. However, there are so many aspects of our lives that can be changed to more sustainable or Eco-friendly options. That in and of itself is overwhelming. Then you add in cost. Things made better for the environment and without toxins are EXPENSIVE! When people are short on money it becomes even more overwhelming because you are limited in where you can make changes, especially at first.

I asked the panel where to begin? If you have a limited amount of time and resources where should we start? Some answers were:

“Go local and reduce consumption” essentially “think local”. When shopping for food go to farmer’s markets and use reusable bags! “Just commit yourself to one thing” whatever you choose to do, do it well! If you want to compost then do your best at that until it becomes a habit! Other ideas would be to use public transportation or bike/walk whenever possible, eat less meat and animal products (I try to eat plant based one day a week), partake in clean beauty or slow fashion. My favorite response to this question came from Nic Bash, founder of Honey Flower Foods. His advice is to do a self-audit, look at where you’re most inefficient and cut back there.

I truly enjoyed the atmosphere from this event and I hope you’ve gained some insight, become inspired to work towards more sustainable living, or at least you just learned something new!

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