Date at the Fair

by LifeOfLo

Wanting to go on a fun date but running out of new ideas? Depending on the time of year a great date is to go to your state’s state fair! County fair’s are fun too but state fair’s are much larger with a lot of different activities. If you have the time try going to both!


Going to the fair is actually a mini tradition that Zach and I have that we didn’t even know we had! Here are some pictures from last year.

The rides were a little intimidating for us this year so we skipped that and instead walked around eating fair food and looking at all of the contests. The biggest pumpkin contest and the cows are our personal favorites. If you go to your state fair look for honey sticks! That’s the best little treat (and at our fair it’s only 25 cents per stick)!

The most memorable part of the fair this year for us was when we lost my car. That’s right, we lost my car. We thought we remembered where we parked and of course neither of us took a picture of our location. When we decided it was time to head home it was dark outside and we headed out into the fields of cars. After about 45 minutes of searching Zach asked one of the fair volunteers driving a golf cart to help us. Thankfully when we described the surrounding area of where we parked the volunteer knew exactly where we were and gave us a ride! Moral of the story, before you go have your fun date at the fair make sure you make a note of where you parked! Or don’t, we had a blast searching for the car together.

Photos taken by the ever amazing Marissa Rose Photography.


Lo (& Zach)

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