Challenge Yourself: My Red Lipstick Story

by Lorine Margeson
Challenge Yourself: My Red Lipstick Story

I was recently at the Bitter Grace Self-Care Retreat and I had the privilege to listen to incredible women tell their stories and share their experiences. The one I’m going to be talking about and referencing is Brittany’s discussion. Brittany shared her story with us as well as what her beliefs were in regards to herself and how to live her life. She called it the story she tells herself. Some things she listed were: “I’m a failure if my marriage fails”, “All men lie, cheat, and abandon”, and “My worth is measured by my clothes, house, and car”.

She then went into how she changed her life around and began to challenge those beliefs she told herself. She was inspiring, brave, and pretty incredible. When I hear stories like that one of my first thoughts is “wow, I don’t have anything that big or heavy that has happened in my life”. I, however, remind myself that any challenge – big or small – is important for growth. So I’m going to share with you all some ways I challenge myself!

My Little Challenges

This one I talk about often. I’ve always thought that I was not creative. It wasn’t until the end of my first year in my masters program where I really addressed this idea. I’ve always considered myself as “not creative” but I never thought deeper into why I believed that about myself. Until a professor of mine reminded meof ways I am creative. That was a turning point for me. However, it wasn’t until I started this blog that I really pushed myself to more creative outlets. This is a fairly small way that I challenge myself and my beliefs. This small challenge has been a catalyst of change – often in big ways!

An even smaller challenge is this – red lipstick. It sounds ridiculous, I know. Hear me out. As a competitive dancer growing up I wore red lipstick for performances. I still remember the rush to wipe off that lipstick as soon as it was time to leave the theater/dressing room. The funny part about it was I liked red lipstick – I wanted to wear it but I felt like I couldn’t. It might have something to with red lipstick being a bold color and I was often told to “tone it down” or to not bring additional attention to myself. Recently my boyfriend’s sister was talking to me about various lipstick shades and I reluctantly mentioned I don’t really branch out of the few nude shades I own.

One day as I was getting ready I looked at the tester lipsticks I had been sent and I decided to try it, what harm could it do? I ended up LOVING the colors and the change to my look they brought. I have since promptly purchased a multitude of shades to continue changing up my routine. Here’s my challenge for you – what’s your red lipstick moment? What are some little – or big – things that you can challenge yourself on? You’ll be surprised at how making small changes really impact you for the better!

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