Burnside Farms: Tulip Fields

by Lorine Margeson
Burnside Farms: Tulip Fields

One of my all time favorite activities to do in spring is to go and see as many flowers and blooms as I can – time permitting. With COVID-19 I decided not to go see the blooms like I typically do (most were closed). However, Burnside Farms (my favorite place to visit each season) was open and practicing social distancing! I decided to go especially since it was the only flower field I would be seeing for the season. It ended up being an absolute delight and it was completely safe. Going forward many outdoor venues continue to practice social distancing and I feel safe (I always bring my mask and hand sanitizer)!

Getting in was a bit different than usual, all tickets had to be bought ahead of time and an entry time had to be selected. You could stay for however long you pleased but you had to enter at a specific time. That way there wasn’t a flood of people in line to enter. Once out into the fields it was no problem maintaining a large distance. The tulips were beautiful, as they are every year and I’m so happy I made the decision to go and support one of my favorite local small business.

Along with the tulips were daisies in bloom. I either haven’t been when they’ve been in bloom before or haven’t seen that spot in the field because this was my first time seeing a sea of yellow daisies! After staying indoors for so long it was a much welcomed sight. I didn’t take many photos since I didn’t want to spend too much time out in the field, again this was the early stages so I wanted to be extra cautious.

Stay safe!


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