Barefoot Blonde Hair Extenstions

by LifeOfLo

Some of you may have noticed between my photos and videos that my hair has varied in length. Sometimes it’s medium length above my chest and others it’s closer to my waist. So what’s the secret? Have I been taking vitamins or something to grow my hair? No. I use Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions!

I’ve always wanted longer hair but after some poor decisions for hair cuts it’s proven nearly impossible to get the length I desire. There are many options for extensions. Clip ins work best for me because I can quickly put them in and take them out whenever I want. Plus, they don’t damage my hair what-so-ever like other types of extensions. I don’t have to have the hassel of having long thick hair every day if I don’t want to. If I do decide I want my long hair then it only adds an extra 5 minutes to my routine.

Barefoot Blonde Hair makes classic extensions that you clip in to add volume and length, fill in’s that you can clip in to add volume to shorter hair, and they just came out with the Up that you can use to help with pony’s, braids, and all up do’s galore! I chose the classic because I wanted to add length to my hair.

The first step is to look online and see what shades they offer. Then you can pick up to 5 shades to try on for free (just pay shipping)! It’s best to try them on in natural lighting to see if they really blend with your hair. The shade that matches me perfectly is Brown Sugar.

What are you waiting for? Go check out Barefoot Blonde Hair to see what shade matches you best! Get your dream hair today.

The next step is to fill out your order! Once your order arrives you’ll have your gorgeous new hair in a super cute box. Keep your box ladies, I use mine to store my extensions when I’m not using them.

I hope that answered most of y’all’s questions about my hair! Leave a comment below if you have any other questions.

But before you go, here’s a before and after of my hair with and without my extensions!



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