Adding a Second Pup to the Family

by Lorine Margeson
Adding a Second Pup to the Family

When We Decided To Add Another Pup

Soon after we got Zlato we were having puppy fever to get another. One of the major things stopping us was that I felt like Zlato wouldn’t get enough attention and he enjoyed being an “only child”. Zlato is definitely a spoiled pup. We also wanted to wait so we could bond with him and get accustomed to having a dog before we jumped in to another one. Zach wanted our dogs to be close enough in age so that they would have similar energy levels. If they had similar energy levels then they would be able to play well together. We decided to add a new family member in February 2018 for our official one year anniversary and Zach’s birthday.

How Old Our First Dog Was

When we went to get Lovro (our newest pup) Zlato was 9 1/2 months old. The age gap between them is about 7 1/2 months which is perfect for energy levels and bonding. Zlato had left his puppy stage and was getting closer to his first birthday and a mature pup. This was a sweet spot for us to add another dog because Zlato had enough solo attention to be a well behaved dog and he was young enough to want a playmate. In fact we found that he was visibly down whenever we left our families’ houses with other dogs (& cats) that he interacted with.

What Breed

Deciding on what breed to get was much easier than deciding on our first dog. Zlato was such a perfect dog that we knew we wanted the same breed as a second. We also thought that having two of the same breed would help with play style and bonding between the two because they would be more similar in size/energy levels/affection etc. Although Cockapoo’s do vary depending on how much cocker spaniel or poodle traits they have our dogs are a perfect pair.

What Gender

After doing our research it looked as if getting another boy or a girl would be equally successful. I associate dogs with boys (I always think “good boy!”) and the name Zach and I liked was a male name. We almost picked a girl dog, a pure bred Cocker Spaniel actually. But, when we thought that our second dog would be bigger than our first we didn’t like the idea of an overly dominant girl dog over our sweet boy. We’re over protective parents…I know. Lastly, I LOVE being the only girl in the house. Everyone wants my attention and affection, which I adore. It also is so easy to talk about my family because I can just say “my boys” and I’ve got everybody included! Calling the two dogs is also much easier since they’re the same gender, they both come running when I call out “BOYS”!

Our Adventure to Get Our New Bundle of Joy

We decided to get Lovro fairly quickly. We had been thinking about getting a second dog for some time and had been looking frequently just for fun. One day we were doing what we usually do, browsing and talking about getting Zlato a brother. When the CUTEST little pup came across our screen.

Lovro came from an Amish family in Pennsylvania and after Zach had contacted them a few times we decided to take the plunge and go get him! The next day. January 31, 2018 we drove up to a little Amish town in Pennsylvania. The drive up was filled with nerves and hoping that he was healthy and a perfect edition to our family. I was worried the whole time of how Zlato would react to the new puppy. When we arrived it had just gotten dark and we casually chatted with the farmers. After filling out the paperwork and getting all of Lovro’s shots we carried him back to the car with us!

Zach insisted on holding him the entire drive home. Lovro was passed out in his lap the whole way occasionally looking around before falling back asleep. I was too nervous to hold him because I didn’t want Zlato to feel immediately betrayed when we got home. I was hoping the less of the new puppy scent I had on me the better Zlato would respond. Zlato is a very affectionate, needy, and jealous dog. Although he isn’t aggressive I wanted him to love his new brother as soon as possible.

How the Two Met

We decided that Zach would be the one to bring Lovro into our apartment because Zlato is more attached to me and we thought that might create less jealousy. I walked into the house first to let Zlato out and have him smell me (I had Lovro’s smell on me). Then Zach came in holding Lovro while I held Zlato. At first we let Lovro walk around and smell the area while Zlato observed him. Then when Zlato started to curiously move toward him we let them sniff each other. This was an easier process for us because we had Zlato socialized from a young age (if you’re thinking to get a dog make sure you take them out and socialize them with other dogs!). The two hit it off and have been inseparable ever since! They learned to play together very quickly and snuggled together often.


As much as we want to present our lives as perfect at all times having two dogs definitely has its challenges. We had to learn how to evenly split our time and give a puppy a ton of attention without having our first dog feeling left out. I was expecting training to be difficult with a second pup but he actually learned very quickly. He even taught our older pup some new tricks that he couldn’t get before! Now that they’re older the biggest challenge is making sure they each get plenty of one-on-one time with both of us and we show our affections equally.

All Worth It

Although having two dogs comes with it’s own challenges I couldn’t imagine living this life without my two love bugs. I don’t think they could imagine life without each other at this point either!


Lo, Zlato, Lovro, & Zach

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