A Winter-y Weekend in Canada (Quebec): My 34th Country!

by LifeOfLo
A Winter-y Weekend in Canada (Quebec): My 34th Country!

A year ago we were in Canada so it only seemed right to finally publish this post!

A few weeks after we settled in from our cross-country road trip to Arizona it was time for us to pack again and road trip up to…you guessed it, Canada! My parents and sister had been to Canada last year (Toronto and Niagara Falls) but I unfortunately couldn’t take the time off of grad school and my job at the time.

Luckily for me everything worked out perfectly this trip. My cousin was competing in the Junior World Speed Skating Competition to represent Serbia and there was nothing more we would rather do than go support our Petra! Most of our time was spent at the ice rink in Montreal watching her race across the ice, but we did manage to squeeze a quick trip to the Valcartier Village in Quebec to see the Hotel de Glace!

The Hotel de Glace is a man made structure made out of ice and snow that is only open for a few weeks each year! Every year there is a new and different theme so if you’ve been before you’ll be sure to see something new this time around. Tickets are fairly priced at $20 USD per person for an unlimited amount of time inside the Hotel.

I loved exploring all of the various rooms the Hotel de Glace offered, the creativity in the themes was astounding. The Hotel also has a little church area that people can rent for their wedding! How amazing would that be to get married in an ice church?

One of my favorite parts of the hotel was the ice bar. There were cups made entirely out of ice to keep your drink perfectly chilled and there were plenty of cool places to get your photo taken. There was music playing throughout this are and there was even a multi-colored lit up dance floor!

Overall Canada had a very charming feel to it. This particular region speaks French and you will find most people in the grocery store and restaurants speaking French. The people were very friendly and the temperature (although chilly, dress appropriately) wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Leaving Canada in the winter made me feel like an absolute champion.

Also, the McDonald’s had little maple leaves hidden all over their drinks, bags, and burger boxes. It was absolutely precious.

Would you be interested to hear about what I packed for this trip? Check out my post made specifically for cold weather in Canada!

If you make a trip up to Canada after reading my post tag me in it, I’d love to see what you get up to! My social media’s are listed accordingly on my home page.



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