5 Steps to Having Instagram White Teeth

by Lorine Margeson
5 Steps to Having Instagram White Teeth

Have you ever wondered how people on your instagram feed have those perfect white smiles? And no I’m not talking about filters, I’m talking about real life white smiles. Have you gone to your dentist for professional teeth whitening and decided against it because the price point was unreasonable? We’re talking $500 – $1,000 for a one time service! Have you been dissatisfied with drugstore teeth whitening options? This blog post is for you! I’ll tell you all about my teeth whitening journey with Smile Brilliant and answer some FAQ on the way.

***Disclaimer *** I was gifted a Smile Brilliant Kit in order to test the process and the effectiveness of the product, all opinions are my own.

What is Teeth Whitening?

This may be a misleading name because in most cases teeth whiteners are actually reducing the stains on teeth to bring them back to their natural color. Basically, if you started with a gray or yellow tint in your natural teeth then they will return to that color minus all the stains from tea, coffee, wine and all of the other things that stain teeth! I naturally have fairly white teeth – staining from what I eat and drink dulls the whiteness and makes them a more yellow shade. As a result, when I teeth whiten (thus removing the stains on my teeth) they return to their natural pearly white color!

Teeth Whitening Myths

Think you know everything about teeth whitening? Here are some common myths (maybe you’ve believed these).

  1. Teeth Whiteners are Harmful
  2. Results Should be INSTANT
  3. People with Sensitive Teeth Shouldn’t Whiten Them
  4. At Home Kits are Not as Effective as Professional Whitening

Have you heard these myths before? Maybe even believed them? Well lets bust them “white” open! How’d you like that pun – too “teethy”?

First – five years worth of studies have shown that lab direct whitening (such as Smile Brilliant) are safe and effective with minimal side effects. A small percentage of users may experience tooth sensitivity (fun fact: this is caused by tooth dehydration, NOT enamel damage) and gum irritation. Both of these dissipate with discontinuation of use or lessening the use of Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel.

Secondly – with all of the technology we have today it’s easy to understand why we are in search for instant gratification and results. However, lets look at the big picture. How many times a day do you drink coffee or tea? For me this adds up quick because of grad school, caffeine you are my best friend. How often do you drink a glass of wine or eat staining foods? All those instances add up on your teeth! You may not see instant results with only a few treatments, and that’s perfectly okay! People can see results as quickly as in 4-7 days, or in 10-14 while using Smile Brilliant! Everyone’s teeth and stains are unique, just like you.

Thirdly – NOPE! With Smile Brilliant anyone can whiten and brighten their teeth. Since Smile Brilliant utilizes a safe method for whitening teeth (no enamel removal y’all), anyone can use this product! Sensitivity is a possible side effect but there is a special Desensitizing Gel that may help. If sensitivity is still an issue try using it less often or stopping treatment.

Lastly – studies are showing that lab direct whitening done at home has similar or more effective results than laser whitening at the Dentist’s office! Considering laser whitening with a Dentist can cost from $500 – $1,000, Smile Brilliant is a much more cost efficient option!

My Teeth Whitening Journey

As a blogger and more generally a woman concerned with her appearance – I found that my teeth were a very important part of my image. I am often found smiling, both in photos and in real life, and one thing that makes me smile more often is having pretty white teeth. I’ve tried teeth whitening toothpaste, charcoal toothpaste, whitening strips, and professional whitening through my dentist. I’ve tried tons of different options and as a result I’ve experienced sensitivity and products that don’t work.

It’s incredibly frustrating. On top of that trying to fit teeth whitening into my routine was always difficult because in the past I needed to make sure I was in the bathroom the whole time because the strips would move around or the product would get on my gums and it would burn (this HURTS) and I’d need to be able to quickly take it off. I’m happy to say that’s all in the past now that I have Smile Brilliant!

The Difference Between Drugstore Whitening Strips & Smile Brilliant Trays

Whitening strips work by bleaching teeth. This process removes much needed enamel from your teeth, making it more and more painful over time. Smile Brilliant’s stain removal only is a much safer option that is more effective, however it does take more time. The trays also help keep the whitening gel in all areas of your teeth without getting the active ingredient all over your mouth. Traditional strips always gave me a tough time because I would get the bleach all over my gums and tongue, leaving me in pain for up to a week after treatments! Strips also don’t stay in place long enough to open pores and they don’t reach every angle of your teeth.

Whereas, trays are custom fitted to your teeth for complete coverage, and the results are noticeable and permanent (current stains will be removed in their entirety and never return). Plus, trays can also serve as an unofficial retainer or night guard to keep your teeth the way they were when you created your molds! While whitening strips may cost less up front it’s doing more damage to your teeth and you have to frequently buy the product.

How Does Smile Brilliant Work?

Step 1: Order Online

Go to Smile Brilliant and decide which kit works best for you. Options include either Sensitive or Non-Sensitive and three different levels of staining – Light ($149 sensitive; $139 non-sensitive), Medium ($175 sensitive; $159 non-sensitive), or Heavy ($189 sensitive; $169 non-sensitive).

Step 2: Create Molds

When your kit arrives the first thing to do is create your molds! I suggest you do them as soon as possible so you can begin your whitening process! The kit provides instructions on exactly how to create your molds. Basically you mix one blue clay with the white clay – activate the clay by rolling and smushing it together (it felt like playing with play doh) – push it into the mold – place them on your teeth and wait! Repeat for both top and bottom and you’re done! It was so easy I did both my top and bottom molds by myself on the first try! If your molds don’t look exactly right the first time don’t sweat it, the kit comes with extra materials in case you need to try again.

Step 3: Send in Molds for Tray Creation

Take your new molds and wait for them to thoroughly dry then pop them in the shipping bag and ship those babies back to the lab. All you have to do now is let the lab work its magic to transform your molds to trays. Then wait for your custom trays to arrive in the mail!

Step 4: Receive Trays & Begin Whitening

When your custom trays arrive in the mail you can immediately begin whitening! Directions are provided in the kit but basically you apply the gel into the trays and wear them! It’s as simple as that.

Step 5: SMILE!

Within 4-14 days you should begin to see a noticeable difference in your teeth whiteness. Smile and show off your pearly whites! Ta-Da you have Instagram White teeth – without the filter.

My Experience with Smile Brilliant

I have loved the simplicity and results I’ve gotten from using Smile Brilliant! During the school semester I am constantly drinking coffee and tea and I eat sooo many staining foods since I eat out more as well. I am a very busy person between my school and work obligations that extend to blogging and spending time with my boyfriend, friends, and family. This leaves me with hardly any time for additional steps to my routine. Luckily the process with Smile Brilliant was quick and easy both in creating and in use! It’s so easy and comfortable to use that I whiten my teeth while doing homework, chores around the house, and even on my road trips to Massachusetts! There’s no excuse for me not to whiten.

Pro Tip: When whitening apply Vaseline to your gums to prevent excess product from getting on them. This helps prevent any sensitivity you might get from the product getting in sensitive places. I have not experienced any adverse effects while whitening but I follow the directions and refrain from eating or drinking for a few hours after whitening.

On my last Dental checkup (a few weeks ago) my Dentist commented on how well I’ve been taking care of my teeth and how pretty they were! If that’s not a great reason to smile I don’t know what is!

With Love,


P.S. As a special gift for you all to smile more I’m hosting a giveaway for your very own Smile Brilliant Kit! Here is the link to enter! I can’t close the giveaway until we have at least 25 entries! The giveaway winner will be selected by Smile Brilliant’s engine so be sure to enter your email in order to enter! You all are also welcome to use my code: lifeoflo15 for 15% off store wide.

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