5 Mindful Monday Tips

by Lorine Margeson
5 Mindful Monday Tips
  1. Spend 1-5 minutes to focus on your breathing. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes but its not necessary. Feel your breath expand in your chest with the rise and fall of your stomach.
  2. While breathing, begin to feel your body – tap in to your senses. Do your head and shoulders feel heavy? How do your feet feel on the floor, comfortable, is your shoe pinching a part of your foot? Is your body cold/hot – what about your extremities? What do you smell? Are you eating anything – what’s the flavor and sensation like in your mouth?
  3. Try not to think. It may seem silly but often our society tells us that we need to be productive at all times. You might catch yourself beginning to form a to do list or thinking what you might be doing once you finish this exercise. Gently bring yourself back to your breathing and senses.
  4. Thoughts may pass through – recognize them as such, you don’t need to react or believe them.
  5. Try it at least twice a day! The simplest way to incorporate this is when you first wake up and before you go to sleep. Build up from there as necessary. Sometimes I do this while driving to prevent road rage or even when I’m eating to enjoy food more!

I hope y’all enjoyed my mindfulness tips! If you practice mindfulness and you’d like to share some of your own tips please do!



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