10 Things to Eat in Paris

by LifeOfLo

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Ah Paris…the city of love and lights. Also the home to fine dining and incredible wine! If you’re in Paris, or planning to make a trip, here are the 10 things you need to eat in Paris!


A warm toasty loaf of bread. Delicious alone but pair it with some cheese or a Nutella spread to step it up a notch! Can’t go to Paris and not enjoy a baguette.


I’m not the biggest fan of macarons…or so I thought until I had them from Laduree in Paris! These flaky cookies in at least 26 different flavors are a must try. My favorites are rose, chocolate, and raspberry.


Ah the thin pancake with delicious fillings. Here is a dessert that appeals to everyone, the sweet tooth and the savory lovers. My personal favorite is a plain Nutella crepe with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top. If I’m feeling froggy I’ll add in some fruit (usually strawberries sometimes bananas). I’m not a savory fan but I have had some ham and cheese crepes that have been out of this world delicious.


Ah escargots…the French delicacy everyone seems to talk about, snails. I have had the opportunity to taste Escargots in France multiple times as well as on cruises and I have always been a fan. The texture is a little chewy but the flavor is delicious. There is no way if you’re a meat eater that you can pass up on the opportunity for the real deal.


A flaky favorite for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack in between. The best thing about croissants are that the soft bread can be paired with sweet foods or savory. Plus, who could give up a chance to say croissant in that wonderful French accent.


Ahhh coffee…who doesn’t love coffee? If you’re used to American coffee then French cappuccino’s (or European coffee in general) will knock your socks off. There is a certain finesse around coffee on this side of the globe that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. My favorite activity in Paris is to drink a cappuccino and watch the people walk by.


This dessert was originally not on my list but the more bakeries I had visited the more I wanted to try it! Think of it as a long doughnut with a cream filling. The one we ordered here at Le Cafe Marly was giant sized and was enough eclair for my sister and me to share.


When you don’t have enough cappucino’s in a day and you’re looking for more coffee look no further. This delicate cake with coffee flavorings, cream, and cocoa powder makes a perfect dessert after any meal. For extra coffee goodness order a cappuccino to drink with it.

Creme Brulee

This dessert always seemed to be overrated. I never understood the burned sugar craze my family talked about…until I had it in Paris. The Creme Brulee was so delicious I felt as if I needed more…but luckily the portion was big enough after finishing I was full-filled! The burned sugar was so flavorful and crispy, yet it melted in your mouth and the creme filling was exquisite! I still have dreams about it. A must try.

Red Wine

Last but not least a classic, red wine. Although red wine isn’t a favorite of mine I couldn’t surpass the opportunity to taste true french wine. The bottle I had was a bit strong for me and very flavorful. I’m certain a true wine enthusiast would have enjoyed it. Me on the other hand…I prefer my rose.

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